20%  off  2  times per week  service .  Good  until  9/1/19

**Ongoing-Pooper Scooper Troopers bakes homemade dog treats called Weadits for our clients. They are made with organic wholesome ingredients  and you get your own fresh bag made just for your dog when signing up for service. See the video on fb of our client, Stella,  enjoying  a “Gracie Weadit homemade dog treat” Visit the bottom of our home page for the fb link.  Love  them? Buy  yours  for  $10  donation  per  bag .  1/2  of  net  profits  go  to  local rescues. We  will  post  gifts  to  rescues  on  fb.

OVER.  3rd  MONTH  FREE  after  2  months  paid  services. Sign up  in  July,   September &  November  2019.  Residential  Clients .

OVER.  June  2019  3rd  month  service  free.  Promo-code  “Celebrate”.

Over.  4/1/19  special  $5 off per week for 2+2+  -  2 dogs or more with 2 or more visits a week. 

Over. 3/1/19 -Pooper Scooper Troopers changed the set up fee to free for the first half hour on monthly services.

Over - We  are honoring our elders for the month of September 2018. The winner will receive one free month of service with once per week visits. Here’s how:

  1. Must be over 58 years old with proper identification;
  2. Submit your name, phone number, address via contact us link.
  3. Residence must be located in Pinellas County;

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